Introducing CELSPORTA

A bespoke, next generation sports injury platform

CELSPORTA caters to the analytical preferences of teams and individual athletes, offering a bespoke, hassle free method of tracking sports injuries, providing instant and detailed analysis for clearer insight into athlete performance.

  • On the field
  • In the office
Sports Injury Tracking Monitor injury incidence, frequency, location and mechanism ratios across any season.
Team Availability Compare and analyse team and athlete availabilty using pre-configured metrics for any period.
Athlete Monitoring Track athlete availability, recieve instant improvement alerts, and analyse and report on progress.
Readiness to Train Utilise the screening area to gauge your athletes readiness and improve injury prevention strategies.
Load Management Strategies Monitor acute:chronic workload to optimise performance and assist with injury prevention and rehabilitaion.
Multiple Users & Teams Manage an unlimited number of athletes and teams, and offer customised access to colleagues, doctors and managers.

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Bespoke Injury Analysis Software

We know from experience the importance of bespoke injury analysis software that works for you (and not the other way around) which is why CELSPORTA is designed to capture key insight and analysis in the simplest and most efficient way possible, without forcing you to change the way you and your organisation determines athlete readiness.
Custom Permissions

Create bespoke roles and permissons to ensure atheltes and staff only see what you want, configured to match the way you and your organisation work.

Overload Alerts

Automatically monitor bespoke load management strategies. Rest assured that if an athlete is close to overload, you'll be the first to know.

Access Anywhere

No installation required. Access critical performance and injury analysis from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Secure & Private

We take security and privacy very seriously – which is why all server communication is encrypted and two-factor authentication offered as standard.

Making athlete monitoring simple

The CELSPORTA team is fronted by sports injury professionals with worldwide experience of injury management and athletic performance in elite sports. On the forefront of sports science, sports medicine and athlete management, the CELSPORTA team are proud to offer detailed analytical tools for sports teams and individuals across all levels.

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Lots of data, but limited time for analysis?

CELSPORTA reduces the workload of medical and sports science practitioners by providing immediate analysis of large datasets with minimal effort, emphasising ease of use and maximum insight into current priorities, whilst remaining adaptable to each teams and individuals future requirements.

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